The abundance of devices has caused a huge demand for quality power adapters. Datapro has been providing both AC & DC power solutions for laptops and other portable computing devices since before many of these products appeared.

AC Adapters
Keeping your device powered, charged, and protected is a top priority for end users. Datapro carries the latest designs to fit thousands of applications. Our products include safety features like over voltage protection, over current protections, and short circuit protections. This allows our adapters to carry industry safety certifications.

DC Adapters
Most devices are used in mobile situations. The ability to recharge in a car, airplane, boat, or other vehicle or even while off of the grid using battery/solar is a strong requirement for users.

Custom Solutions
While we stock and carry adapters for thousands and thousands of applications, stock products cannot meet all demands. Datapro provides custom solutions what can customize adapter ratings, output settings, and connectors to provide customers with a custom tailored solution for their application.