Servers are the heart of an organization.  Providing proper power protection is critical to keep things running.  Datapro provides a full line of UPS systems for single PCs up to racks of equipment.

These are small and inexpensive units designed for workstation computers and small devices.  They will provide protections like surge and will switch over to battery power when the AC power fails.  These units are often in a power strip type form factor.

Line Interactive
This type of unit was designed for critical workstations and entry level servers.  It starts with a base offline type design and adds an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) as well as additional surge suppression capacity.

Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive
Standard offline and line interactive units produce an output waveform that is a stepped series of pulses that simulates a sine wave.  This stepped output is acceptable for many applications, however applications that are mission critical or are sensitive to distortion require a more precise output waveform.

For Mission critical applications filtering and protecting the power is not enough.  These applications need guaranteed clean power.  The online UPS is the solution.  Other UPS units will not engage until the AC power quits.  An online unit will run all of the time.  This ensures that the load only receives pure clean power that was generated by the UPS.